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Friday, 3 January 2014

VS2013 Extensions Gallery

I am a bit lazy when it comes to using VS extensions. Don't think I bothered exploring what sits in the Extensions and Updates gallery for a while, shall i say never?.. and TBH I am both amused and surprised at some of the stuff there

Amused : Umbraco New Project template (chuckle)

Surprised: F Sharp , MVC 5 , Web API 2 templates, Nancy Templates, VSClojure .. Wow . support for clojureScripts in VS, there is probably one for R coming in the near future watch out hahah

The let down - templates for Exception Class, Struct, .. come on 8 versions out in .Net we still need templates for this ?

There are companies using the extensions gallery as a way of luring developers into buying components / products via . Nice marketing..  There are plenty like Aspose, Cocos2D, however the obsessions with EF is never ending and the need for so many templates with diff versions is very questionable..MVC probably comes next in the list

This again does not include the numerous nuget packages created for various project templates. I think I have got to raise my hat to all those guys who have taken the time and put in the effort to create these templates/ nuget packages.. Except the ones for Singleton, Struct and Exception classes :)
Jokes apart there is a quite a bit of useful stuff there which i clearly have missed.